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Recent Announcements

  • The Update And The New Snazzy Features
    @Daniel wrote: As you all know, today the server has been down for a couple hours due maintenance. A few of you think that we only updated the server version to 1.15.2, however, thanks to the works of our devs and a couple other staffies we actually bring quite a few features along with this version update! Hoggyback Yep, you heard it right, /hoggyback is back! For those of you who are new and are wondering what in the world is hoggyback, it basically allows players to pick up other players. How to do it? Very simple, make sure your target has “/hoggyback” on, and right clik them while you crouch . Curious about how this works? Check it out the 2 versions in Michael’s repositories: hoggyback and serena. Main Dev: Michael King Pets While the new realese isn’t on the server yet, Pandetta is […]
  • Downtime Saturday May 16th
    @Pandette wrote: On Saturday May 16th at 1 am (IE: Friday night) We will have some server down time for up to 24 hours (though it could be less than that.) We appreciate your patience. Pandette Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic […]
  • Dueling's latest feature: Spell Banning
    @Atarashii wrote: Hi, Carter Bell here, the developer of the Dueling plugin (please spam me with bug reports, thanks). Recently with the 1.14 update, I added the ability for players to ban certain spells for the duration of a duel, in order to force the Confringo spammers to find some other spell to use. This is a short tutorial to show you all how you can start a duel with a certain number of spell bans. So, the command remains basically the same. You start it with /duel and then the player’s name. However, you can now add an argument that specifies the amount of spell bans each player will receive before the duel begins, like so: /duel Kuwa_ -spellbans:3 The most important part is the “-spellbans”, which tells the plugin that you want at least 1 spell ban per player, which is the default […]
  • Build Code Update 2020
    @Almerian wrote: Hello, witches, wizards and wix! With our latest update to 1.14.4, several new blocks have been introduced to the server. This means fun new decorations and more entities and entity blocks! What is an entity or entity block? Well, they’re basically…lag-inducers. Each of these stores data which keeps track of things like whether your jukebox has a disk in it, what color your banners are, and what strength your comparator is at! This includes a good list of blocks, especially with the new update. We’ve always limited entity blocks with set numbers for each individual item, but as the list of entity blocks expands, we need to adapt. That is why we’re setting a new standard. Rather than having only 16 of certain entity blocks allowed per region, each owner may have a total ent […]

What is KnockturnMC?

Wizarding World

The wizarding world server is a Harry Potter server that allows you to immerse yourself in a world inspired by JK Rowling's works.  The world aims to be as accurate as possible, while adding some of our own flair.  As a student in Hogwarts, you will be able to attend classes for first and second year, with more years on the way, and be able to make your own path.  All players receive a roleplay name, a firstname of their choice, and a lastname which is random, and allows them to join a family on the server.  The spells plugin, while difficult, allows users to cast with actual wand movements in the server, and eventually do non-verbal spells.  In addition to all this, there are tons of mini-games, such as wizards chess, gobstones, and exploding snaps!


Quidditch is a server from the Wizarding World where you are able to play quidditch matches & regular official matches are held in.  Eventually this server may be expanded to permit graduated quidditch teams, but for now, only house teams play here.

Towny & Mining World

Towny & Mining World is a place where you can gather resources & in towny you can make your own little town.  The server is also a place where you can gather resources that will go back to the Wizarding World, which will permit you to use in any plots you gathered in that server.