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  • Updated Application Templates
    @Narwhaldo wrote: Hey guys! Many of you may have noticed that the application templates have changed a little bit. Applications no longer require your Mordonia info since we have officially split. I l […]
  • Quidditch players of the Season (better later than never)
    @Max wrote: Hey Ladies and Gentlenerds, Max here. From the next season on, we will have match reports regulary again. I am sorry for thge delay, but I had exams irl and didn’t find the time and motiva […]
  • Looking for helpers!
    @Daniel wrote: 25-reasons-why-you-should-come-to-america-020111-33-728.jpg728×546 70.9 KB Are you Yr2+? Do you have a decent knowledge of the server? Do you get online for abit every week? Then you ma […]
  • Calling All Writers!
    @Almerian wrote: Hogwarts Lore Is Hiring! Do you like writing: Short stories Questlines Poems Character backstories Or even just like world building? Then please, consider joining the Hogwarts Lore te […]

What is KnockturnMC?

Wizarding World

The wizarding world server is a Harry Potter server that allows you to immerse yourself in a world inspired by JK Rowling's works.  The world aims to be as accurate as possible, while adding some of our own flair.  As a student in Hogwarts, you will be able to attend classes for first and second year, with more years on the way, and be able to make your own path.  All players receive a roleplay name, a firstname of their choice, and a lastname which is random, and allows them to join a family on the server.  The spells plugin, while difficult, allows users to cast with actual wand movements in the server, and eventually do non-verbal spells.  In addition to all this, there are tons of mini-games, such as wizards chess, gobstones, and exploding snaps!


Mordonia is a medieval roleplay server that allows users to play as members of a country called Mordonia.  The plot is based around the concept that all of the original settlers arrived at Mordonia when a disease plagued their old country.  They originally lived together in their capital Mordonis, but differences arouse, and villager fought villager, until 5 kingdoms arose.  Since then, vast amounts of lore and plot has occurred, gods have risen, and wars have been fought.  In this server, you will be able to be whomever you wish, whether it be a jester or a King or a Queen.  It allows you to play full on as a medieval citizen.  This server is whitelisted when joining KnockturnMC, as all characters must be approved before joining Mordonia.


Quidditch is a server from the Wizarding World where you are able to play quidditch matches & regular official matches are held in.  Eventually this server may be expanded to permit graduated quidditch teams, but for now, only house teams play here.


Skyblocks allows you to make your own world starting on a small island.  Your first goal is to create a cobblestone generator that will allow you to build your island to be bigger. But don't drop anything off the side or you might not be able to complete all your challenges!

Towny & Mining World

Towny & Mining World is a place where you can gather resources & in towny you can make your own little town.  The server is also a place where you can gather resources that will go back to the Wizarding World, which will permit you to use in any plots you gathered in that server.