Most recent goings ons!

Hey guys, Cosette here, I just wanted to tell you what is being planned for the future: We are working on Exploding Snaps! Possibly adding in a Library plugin that lets you check out books! A Weather Plugin that allows us to have seasons! Working on some profiles for the website that lets you see […]

Announcing the next Patch

Hello all! I know the Chocolate Frogs came as a surprise in the most recent patch.  The next patch will hopefully feature 30 + new spells, and an expansion on the potions plugin that is currently still in beta.  Hopefully, we can also work in a few little surprises for you guys earlier than expected. […]

Check out what is coming out soon!

Hello everyone, A lot has changed this week, we have been adding new features, knocking the server down, and changing things.  We’ve had some bugs, and some issues.  However, I am here to announce the next plugin release will be scheduled for next week, February 7th.  This release is going to feature somethings such as […]